The art world: Paradise for Big Data?

What use is math in a world that doesn’t add up?

The art world, contrary to popular opinion, is increasingly becoming correlated with data science. Driven by the demands of newcomers with backgrounds in data analysis, boosted by increasingly user-friendly technology, and faced with an unavoidable worldwide phenomenon, the art world is progressively opening up to the 21st century’s digital age. H A P P E N I N G Technologies is the information platform born out of this context, where the worlds of art and technology meet. We are inspired by artists, curators, institutions, dealers, collectors, and any current or past art-related enterprise. We share this vision via our website and mobile app. ‘In data, we trust’ – to us, it’s obvious what science can do for art. Not only as a new medium or a new way of thinking but as a way of enabling the art world and market to grow. With this report, we want to demystify the connection between information science and the art world, pointing out the potential pitfalls and highlighting the vast range of possibilities open to us all.

The full report is available in English here.

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