New Opportunities for AXA ART in the E-Commerce Market

  • With support from AXA ART, AXA Innovation Campus is investing in Europe’s largest online platform for contemporary art: fineartmultiple. The start-up maintains client relationships in numerous countries, and is currently reaching two thirds of its target clients in the USA.
  • This pioneering partnership creates new opportunities within the market for AXA ART (a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA Konzern AG).
  • More and more art lovers, particularly younger ones, are adding to their collections by purchasing artworks online. Galleries and museums are expanding their offers accordingly and are using digital platforms as a way to enhance client relationships and broaden their reach.

"fineartmultiple provides buyers and collectors with access to works by excellent artists with proof of authenticity,” explains Roman Koidl, founder of the platform. At the same time, galleries, museums, and private individuals can use the platform to sell works of art online and outsource administrative tasks related to transportation, insurance, tax and customs matters.

AXA's investment creates a partnership between two experts linked in many ways: global presence, art market expertise and, most of all, a shared passion with their clients for top-class works of art. Digital media is playing an ever-increasing role in the art market and buyers -- particularly younger buyers -- expect to receive the same exclusive services online as those provided in the analog world.

"Our aim," explains Johannes Dick, co-founder of the AXA Innovation Campus and Head of Corporate Development at AXA Germany, "is to be where our discerning clientele are found. This also means breaking new ground."

With an excellently curated program, the fineartmultiple platform provides access to works by 500 of the most important modern and contemporary artists worldwide. It only features signed and certified original works of art.

"We are very happy to have taken this step," explains Kai Kuklinski, Global CEO AXA ART. "Thanks to our decades of experience and our leading role in the field of art and collectibles insurance combined with our global network of experts, we recognize trends in the art and collecting markets early on. With this partnership we are continuing to pursue our innovative approach and we are opening up new opportunities for our clients worldwide.”

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