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About Musical Instruments Policy

AXA ART’s Musical Instruments Policy is a specialist product designed for professional museums, passionate amateurs and collectors. The policy covers physical loss, damage and theft to musical instruments and musical accessories occurring anywhere in the world.

By working with professional musicians and collectors, we have built an awareness of how musical instruments need to be cared for and the attendant risks in travelling or lending them. AXA ART offer bespoke insurance solutions to our clients that will best suit their lifestyle and in this case, their profession.

If there is an accident of total loss or repairable damage, our clients are covered for hire costs to return them to their original position. Depreciation in value following damage and accidental damage are both covered in this policy. We can also help with emergency evacuation and secure storage of the musical instruments if need be.

Whom It concerns

This policy caters for professional musicians who need peace of mind when travelling, orchestras, musical organisations and individuals with valuable collections of musical instruments.

  • Unrestricted professional use that will cover all of your musical activities.
  • Cover is on an Agreed Value basis for the utmost clarity should there be an accident or loss.
  • Our highly experienced underwriters work closely with insurance advisors to ensure our clients receive the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Worldwide cover for items insured.
  • Our clients are able to evolve their collections with our cover for new acquisitions up to 20% of the sum insured.
  • Providing superior customer service during a difficult time, AXA ART offer a dedicated Claims person that is a consistent contact from beginning to end of the claim.

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