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MuseumPLUS is designed as a package to meet every insurance need of a museum professional, whilst also covering liabilities and exhibits protection. In addition to covering exhibits from loss or damage, this policy has a number of additional benefits for a bespoke approach that addresses all other areas of running the institution.

From Employers Liability to Products and Public Liability, AXA ART provides add-ons in this product that mean the insurance requirements of the institution can all be met in one place. General contents, personal effects and buildings can also be included in MuseumPLUS so our clients can place all insurance with one specialist contact.

Providing comprehensive cover for exhibits and buildings, MuseumPLUS can also include Personal Accident and Loss of Income cover to protect employees and employer.

Whom It concerns

MuseumPLUS is an insurance product that considers and protects all business aspects of the institution as well as ensuring care of exhibits.

  • Providing comprehensive cover for both exhibits and buildings, MuseumPLUS can also include Personal Accident and Loss of Income cover to protect both employees and employer.
  • Allows museum professionals to streamline their insurance arrangements by placing all commercial requirements with one specialist insurer.
  • Highly experienced underwriters that work closely with insurance advisors to ensure our clients receive the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Protects exhibits both inside and outside the premises for all manner of exhibition activities i.e. fairs and loans.
  • If required, a free risk inspection visit can be offered on a case by case basis.
  • Providing superior customer service during a difficult time, AXA ART offer a dedicated Claims person that is a consistent contact from beginning to end of the claim.

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In recent years AXA ART has invested and researched heavily into the best ways to manage the storage, display and general safe-keeping of valuable and fragile works of art.


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