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About Corporate Collectors Policy

The AXA Group Collection ranges from 18th and 19th century art to modern and contemporary paintings, drawings, sculpture and photographs. Started in the 1980s this collection has evolved to allow every branch office to express their corporate identity through the medium of art.

With this heritage in mind, AXA ART are keen to care for corporate collections of all shapes and sizes with specialist insurance that will take the complexities of curating and managing such a collection into account.

Corporate collections are often inadequately insured under a general office contents policy so this specialist ‘all risks’ insurance offers much broader protection.

Whom it concerns

Individuals within companies or Trustees who are entrusted with the care of a corporate collection will benefit from this product.

  • Clients are covered for loss or damage to the Property Insured whilst at the Territorial Limits specified in the Schedule.
  • Cover is on an Agreed Value basis, removing concern in the event of a claim because all values have been decided at inception of the policy, or renewal and are on record.
  • Our highly experienced underwriters work closely with insurance advisors to ensure our clients receive the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Automatic Acquisition cover for new additions up to 30% of the total sum insured for art and antiques.
  • If required, a free risk inspection survey or rebuilding cost valuation will offer personalised risk solutions for your home.
  • Providing superior customer service during a difficult time, AXA ART offer a dedicated Claims person that is a consistent contact from beginning to end of the claim.

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