About Us

About us

Within XL Insurance, XL Art & Lifestyle provides insurance for artworks, collectables, high value goods and properties for private clients. From homes, collections of fine art, jewelry and motor to the most complex insurance needs of (Ultra) High Net Worth individuals and their families, we’re trusted for our 50+ years of experience in this highly specialized market.

Our philosophy

The AXA ART Group’s mission is to protect the collecting and art community against financial loss resulting from physical loss or damage to the insured objects and to help preserve cultural objects for future generations.

Due to its global presence and network of art experts deeply embedded into the global arts community, AXA ART maintains in-depth knowledge of the values and trends of the international art market.

AXA ART not only helps its clients to protect their assets but also provides expert advice on all aspects of managing a collection including loss prevention, mitigation and conservation.

Key figures

  • AXA ART is the No.1 art insurance specialist worldwide
  • Operating in more than 20 countries around the world
  • Over 50 years of experience as an insurance specialist for art and collections
  • Even sales distribution in the regions:
    26% of business in North- and South America
    26% of business in South-West Europe
    26% of business in Northern Europe, the Middle East and Asia
    22% of business in Central and Eastern Europe

Our management team

The international AXA ART Group is governed by a Global Leadership Team. This consists of the Members of the Board as well as the leadership of our international companies and branches.

Christian Muller
COO & Member of the Board
Dr. Alexander Wiebe
CFO & Member of the Board
Sylvie Gleises
CEO Continental Europe & Head of Global Family Distribution, Marketing, Communication
Simon White
CEO North-Europe, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific Region & Managing Director - AXA ART Europe

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