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Art in the process of being created also has its own value. Paint, brushes, canvases, materials, photography equipment etc. as well as fixtures and fittings add up to a significant value. AXA ART also insures artists studios. A prerequisite is that the studio must be located in a secured building or within a fenced-in site.

Cover includes:

  • Objects created by the artist, or work in progress
  • Drafts and first casts
  • Artists stock and documentation
  • Utensils and materials for producing work of art
  • Complete studio setup

Insurance cover can be offered on an all risk basis or individually defined to cover loss or damage resulting from fire, natural perils, water and/or burglary.

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Damage Prevention

In recent years AXA ART has invested and researched heavily into the best ways to manage the storage, display and general safe-keeping of valuable and fragile works of art.


Claims Management

Our knowledge and our breadth of professional relationships enable us to react quickly and effectively to any loss.


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