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About Art 500

Insurance solution for works of art and collector's items belonging to private clients.

Private collectors who require special protection for their collections independently of their standard home contents insurance find the optimal insurance solution with Art 500. With Art 500, they protect their art, collector's items and antiques against all risks, including simple damage, loss and terrorism.

  • Up to an aggregate liability of CHF 400,000 and single values up to CHF 100,000
  • Annual minimum premium of CHF 500 plus stamp duty

Client Group

With Art 500, private clients whose main residence is in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein obtain a comprehensive insurance concept for their collections.

  • Insured costs in the event of a claim up to a defined compensation limit including, but not limited to: Clearance, Restoration and replacement of insured items, Loss avoidance and loss minimization, Replacing locks, Transport and storage, Defective title including legal costs
  • Worldwide transport up to CHF 250,000
  • Off-premises insurance up to CHF 250,000 all-inclusive for a maximum of three months
  • Provident insurance for new acquisitions: up to 25% of the insured value


More Services

Damage Prevention

In recent years AXA ART has invested and researched heavily into the best ways to manage the storage, display and general safe-keeping of valuable and fragile works of art.


Claims Management

Our knowledge and our breadth of professional relationships enable us to react quickly and effectively to any loss.


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