Art Basel

With fairs in Basel, Miami Beach and Hong Kong, Art Basel stages the world's premier art shows for modern and contemporary works. Defined by its host city and region, each show is unique. This is reflected in the participating galleries, artworks presented, and the content of parallel programming produced in collaboration with local institutions for each edition.

Art Basel plays a vital role in helping galleries to nurture the careers of their artists. In addition to ambitious stands featuring leading galleries from around the world, each show's exhibition sectors spotlight the latest developments in the visual arts, offering visitors new ideas, new inspiration and new contacts in the art world.

As partner of Art Basel since 2006, AXA ART works with the fair to raise collectors’ awareness of the fragility of art works and of the straightforward steps they can take to conserve them.

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« Pioneering 5D Technology to Preserve and Magnify Fine Art Collections”

From the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, and   winner of a Google Focused Research Award, the startup ARTMYN has developed a new generation of scanners and algorithms that create unprecedented, 5D, interactive images – allowing you to touch artworks with your eyes. During the scanning of an artwork, gigabytes of data are captured using different light sources. The data, which consists of thousands of photographs, is then processed using sophisticated “homemade” algorithms. The final result provides an unprecedented emotional experience by bringing to life the artwork texture and composition on Screen. ARTMYN technology is touchscreen responsive, available online, and
has the capacity to:
- Provide a unique ultra-high 5D visualization interface – revealing the different textures and materiality at the surface of artworks
- Magnify artworks like never before – using the startup’s “Guided Tour Editor” which generates unparalleled educational and promotional movies
- Keep track of Fine Art Collections’ DNA over time – through “ADDA”, the first Automated Damage Detection Algorithm

During the scanning process, the data generated is absolutely unique to each individual artwork. By scanning an artwork before and after an event, such as an exhibition, “ADDA” will automatically compare the two sets of data and detect whether the artwork surface has been damaged, modified, or even if a forgery has been returned instead of the original.

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Collectrium is the leading collection management platform for high-value fine art and collectibles. Founded in 2009, the company was acquired by Christie’s in 2015 and continues to operate independently, with offices and clients in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Collectrium was designed specifically for art collectors, by a team of technology and digital security experts, and has earned the trust of tens of thousands of clients worldwide. Leading the industry in innovation through agile development and partnering with best-in-class art service providers, Collectrium is the only platform to integrate all collection-care and management tools in a single experience that is comprehensive, engaging, mobile, and secure.

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Deloitte Art & Finance International Conferences

Unprecedented development over the past few years has resulted in the ‘financialization’ of the art market. Art is now seen not only as a source of pleasure, but also as a new alternative asset class with interesting business opportunities.

The Deloitte Art & Finance International Conference is a full-day event that brings together international experts and local players to discuss practical issues and share their visions of the future.

Since the first conference in 2008, each edition has taken place in a different major cultural city. It has already been held in Luxembourg (2008 and 2014), London (2009), Paris (2010), Miami (2011), Basel (2012), Maastricht (2013), and New York (2015).

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TEFAF – The European Fine Art Fair

TEFAF Maastricht is universally regarded as one of the world’s leading art fairs, setting the standard for excellence in the art market. It’s an event not to be missed by collectors and museum representatives worldwide.

Presenting close to 300 of the world’s leading galleries from around 20 countries, TEFAF Maastricht is a continuously evolving showcase for the best works of art currently on the market.

In addition to the traditional areas of old master paintings and antique works, the fair showcases a wide variety of classical modern and contemporary art and photographs as well as jewelry, 20th century design and works on paper.

TEFAF Maastricht is unequalled in its level of quality and in the methods it employs to authenticate every painting and object on offer. Participating dealers are admitted only after a strict selection process. TEFAF Maastricht’s ground-breaking vetting system involves no fewer than 175 international experts, who examine every work of art across 29 categories for quality, authenticity and condition, ensuring that you can buy with the greatest possible confidence.

As Principal Sponsor of TEFAF we offer visitors our unique expertise across the full range of risk prevention, conservation, recovery and restoration, so that they can maintain their collections in the best condition.

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