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About Exhibition Coverage

An exhibition brings with it complexities surrounding shipping, handling, installing, de-installing, and navigating numerous lender relationships. AXA ART recognizes the risks involved in displaying valuable and sometimes delicate objects in public spaces as well as the challenges of transporting large objects. Our Exhibition Coverage is worldwide for locations as well as in transit. We extend coverage not only to the objects themselves but also to didactic and Ancillary Material such as vitrines, hardware, technology, and supportive structures.

Our coverage is not limited to traditional fine art and collectibles exhibitions. We insure a wide array of media including performance art, technology-based art, jewellery collections, natural history specimens, and animatronics displays.

Coverage Highlights

  • Valuation: Fine Art – Agreed Value; ancillary material – Actual Cash Valuation or Replacement Cost
  • “Wall-to-Wall” / “Nail-to-Nail” coverage
  • Policy can be for multiple venues and storage needed between sites

Who is this product for?

Our Exhibition Coverage is designed for museums, cultural institutions and private exhibitions.

For more information on AXA ART's Exhibition Coverage, please submit an inquiry, or ask your insurance broker for an AXA ART quote.


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