Specialty Jewelry Collections Coverage

About Specialty Jewelry Collections Coverage

AXA ART recently launched a specialty jewelry product for private collectors of classic antique and designer jewelry. Our specialty jewelry product offers affordable, “all-risk” coverage on a worldwide basis.

The policy can be written as a separate policy or added to an existing fine art policy.

Product highlights

  • Valuation Options: Agreed Value, Current Market Value, or Current Market Value-150%
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Scheduled or blanked policies

Who is this product for?

This mono-line, broad coverage product is available in the Unites States for schedules in excess of $500,000 for focused collections ranging from ancient to vintage to contemporary jewelry.

For more information on AXA ART's Specialty Jewelry Collections Coverage, please submit an inquiry or ask your insurance broker for an AXA ART quote.


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