Historic Properties Coverage

About Historic Properties Coverage

With the proliferation of corporation-owned historic houses and properties opening their doors to the public, AXA ART developed a specialized insurance coverage for art as well as the properties that house these unique collections.

AXA ART incorporates features available under our Fine Art Collections product with property coverage. Our Historic Property Coverage is not limited to the main structure or house, but also to outbuildings and monuments on the property, such as cemeteries and fountains. In addition, we offer guidance on compiling disaster recovery plans and risk management solutions for this combined property policy.

Product highlights

  • Building contents, real property and business interruption covered under one policy
  • Valuation: Building contents: Agreed Value, Current Market Value, or Current Market Value-150%; Real property: Agreed Value or Replacement Cost

Who is this product for?

Our Historic Properties Coverage is specifically designed for insuring historic structures and their contents.

For more information on AXA ART's Historic Properties Coverage, please submit an inquiry or ask your insurance broker for an AXA ART quote.

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