Photography: Light Control Project

In 2010, the Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation des Collections (CRCC) in Paris was awarded an AXA ART Research Grant to examine preventive measures for protecting works on paper and introduce an improved device to monitor the impact of light on sensitive art objects, including fine art photography, prints, drawings, and watercolors.

As a result, a new generation of dosimeters – instruments designed to estimate display light levels and indicate overexposure - was conceived by the CRCC and introduced into the market, with AXA ART making the device available to clients and partners.

Aside from its intrinsic beauty, fine art photography is important for documenting the social, political, industrial and geographical history of our time. While exploring new solutions to photography’s unique preservation issues, The AXA ART/CRCC collaboration will have a lasting benefit in raising awareness amongst collectors of its fragile nature.

Following the conclusion of the project, AXA ART and CRCC published the results in a short and succinct owners’ guide for the care of photographs. Further information on preventive maintenance techniques was produced and disseminated to private collectors and institutions through a series of newsletters, lectures and exhibitions.

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