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Contemporary Art Research Project
January 31, 2017
Nowadays, the internet has become the primary source to find information. But what about the contemporary art scene? [...]
“The Sky Over Nine Columns” AXA ART presents Heinz Mack at TEFAF Maastricht
March 9, 2017
TEFAF Maastricht is one of the few art fairs that provide exhibition space not only for valuable antiques, jewelry and works of the Old Masters, but also for contemporary art. For the past 14 years, AXA ART has been the major sponsor of Europe’s leading art fair. [...]
Antiques Trade Gazette
March 7, 2017
AXA ART sponsored the 2017 TEFAF special of the Antiques Trade Gazette. To view the digital magazine and learn all about the fair highlights and art market news, please click this link. [...]
AXA ART Rolls Out Online Portal for Next Generation of Tech-Savvy Collectors, Offers Specialty Art and Collectible Insurance at the Fingertip
March 14, 2017
NEW YORK, NY -- A new generation of consumers are increasingly becoming owners of fine art, jewelry, watches, coins, sports memorabilia, wine, musical instruments and many more collectible items. The values of some of these treasured objects represent considerable private assets and the need for specialty insurance coverage to protect their worth cannot be overstated. [...]
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