Global Risk Assessment Platform (GRASP)

The Global Risk Assessment Platform (GRASP) is a risk assessment system for evaluating warehouse and museum facilities. It has been developed as a response to the lack of a recognized standard by which these facilities, their operations and their policies should be assessed to assure the optimal safety of its contents.

The objective of GRASP is to provide the individual facility with a single summary page which assesses specific risk/safety factors against standard criteria. To do this, answers from over 2000 questions used by an on-site independent, professional security risk surveyor are distilled into matrices which profile the processes and functions of the facility. To ensure objectivity the questioning process is binary – Yes or No. The system is designed to weigh risk significance thus emphasizing priorities in respect of security improvements.

Each survey provides a report indicating critical areas and generating an overall score, as well as a checklist of professional recommendations in order to improve or mitigate critical risk areas and processes efficiently.

Areas covered by GRASP include:

  • Physical security including design and construction
  • Manned security
  • Electronic security
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Environmental controls
  • Inventory and asset controls including hanging and installation of art
  • Institutional policies and procedures
  • Management oversights and controls
  • Contingency and emergency planning

The objective of GRASP and the AXA ART Group's artprotect™ program is to assist owners of art in their loss control efforts. The recognition of these art storage companies and specific locations is purely advisory and based upon conditions observed and information made available to our agents at the time of the risk assessment survey. While our agents have endeavored to discover those unsafe acts or conditions which could contribute to an accident or loss, it cannot be assumed that they have detected every loss potential or hazard, and nor does this assure compliance with any federal, state, or local code or law. We recommend that you undertake your own due diligence. We assume no responsibility for updating any information contained on this web page to reflect changing conditions. In no event will AXA ART Group or our agents have any liability for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising in any way as a result of your reliance of this information.

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